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1Do I need a consultant’s help to select and implement an ERP System? If so, how do I find the right one?Multiple
2Do I need all the pieces of the ERP System to be effective?Company
3For an ERP Implementation, what comes first?Multiple
4How do I know which software is best for my organization?Multiple
5How do Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) become part of the Business?Multiple
6How do you structure the Implementation Team?Multiple
7How long a period is required for finding and implementing a system?Multiple
8I do not want the software to change my business. How can we still use an ERP System in my company?Multiple
9I have heard a lot about the benefits of Six Sigma and Lean and that they do not work well in an ERP environment. We have started programs for both activities. How will they work together?Multiple
10I have valuable data in the old system that I want to convert to the new software. How long will it take and how much will it cost to import the data into the new system?Multiple
11Making company-wide changes will be a difficult task. How do we accomplish “Change Management”?Multiple
12Our biggest problem is scheduling our shop properly. How will the new system help me do that work more effectively?Multiple
13What are the biggest problems we will face?Multiple
14What are the necessary steps for Implementation?Multiple
15What benefits should I expect after implementing an ERP System?Multiple