Is Your ERP Implementation Done?

OK, you just finished implementing your ERP System, the ERP vendor has packed up and gone home, the war room’s lights no longer shine 16 hours a day, and now business can return to normal, right? Well, that depends!

If you are a manufacturer or distributor, completing the tasks on the ERP Implementation Project Plan, you may want to consider whether you really are done with the final changes of your ERP System implementation.  Mike Roman presents a list of questions to use to test whether you are finished ‘implementing’ your ERP System. 

Mike Roman, Business Capabilities Architect and founder of Manufacturing Practices, began advising manufacturing and distribution organizations in ERP selection and implementation more than 20 years ago and performed more than 60 successful ERP implementations on three continents.  Today, Manufacturing Practices continues to work with the same types of organizations to help select and implement ERP System to move them from good to great.  Mike says that a number of ERP implementations are incomplete and do not deliver the returns that were targeted for the project.  That statement is borne out by research by such firms as The Standish Group.  For additional information, read the article about Don't Put the Cart Before the Horse.


Mike presents this list of questions to consider before deciding if your ERP System implementation is complete:

  1. Are there key performance measures (KPIs) in place in all departments to measure if the department is contributing to the success of the organization. To read an article about KPIs read Using KPIs
  2. Do Executive Dashboards exist for top management to review to give up-to-the-minute indications of Operation and Revenue activities
  3. Do all departments use the ERP system to share operation, customer, and revenue information or  is information flow still done by sharing spreadsheets
  4. Are all company departments using the ERP System or are silos of information still the company norm

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