There is No Perfect Spaghetti Sauce 

Malcolm Gladwell, author of Blick, The Tipping Point: How Little Things Make a Big Difference and Outliers, is a respected author, thinker and speaker.  In April of 2004, he delivered a lecture that discussed the findings of psychophysicist Howard Moscowitz.  Mr. Gladwell pointed out a fact that has very far-reaching impacts to many areas of society, In summary, the lecture points out "In a quest for happiness, 'people often look for perfection’.  They look for the ‘perfect’ spaghetti sauce, the ‘perfect’ mustard or the ‘perfect’ Pepsi®.”  According to Mr. Gladwell, Dr. Moscowitz finds that those searches will never be fruitful.  “There is no perfect spaghetti sauce, no perfect mustard and no perfect Pepsi®.  There are only perfect spaghetti sauces, perfect mustards and perfect Pepsi®s.”  In other words, people were looking for something elusive.  People’s preferences group into clusters and we should look for the cluster that is most satisfying to us.

According to Mike Roman, Business Capabilities Architect and Founder of Manufacturing Practices, Inc., the same is true for companies looking for a business management toolset, like the integrated enterprise business management tools that are ERP Systems.  “Companies search for the ‘Best ERP System’ when they should be looking for the ERP System that is best for their business.”

Mike has been working with manufacturing and distribution operations since the mid 1960s and with the business management tools for those types of organizations since the late 1970s.  “If you research the success rate for business management toolsets, results suggest that few companies gain any benefits.  So why try?  It is because a small percentage of companies are successful; successful companies have a HUGE competitive advantage in the marketplace.”  Those companies focus the business around using the ERP Systems to help them:

  • Increase Inventory Turns
  • Decrease Inventory Investment
  • Increase Customer On-time Shipments
  • Decrease Customer Relationship Concerns

Successful companies focus the business and its process to use the ERP System that fits them best and when they do, they achieve the goals that add directly to increasing profits and a better position in the marketplace.  The journey is not easy and requires commitment from both management and staff.  Before taking on the project, do what successful companies do, prepare the organization for that journey.

“It is similar to heading to the beach during the summer.  Although you can just ‘go to the beach’, people have a more enjoyable time at the beach when they prepare for the journey by taking towels, sunscreen, sunglasses, etc.,” says Mike.  “Company education about what ERP will do for you and to you is a good start”, according to Mike.

“While ERP sales teams show the ‘bells and whistles,’ they often play Tom Sawyer while you ‘white wash’ their fence.  The sales teams do not discuss the journey.  Sometimes benefits are blown out of proportion, which suppresses the discussion about the pitfalls in the ERP implementation”, according to Mike.

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