What Will mrp Do for My Company?

Material Requirements Planning (mrp) is a concept developed during the 1960s to supply the production team with the correct quantity of material it needed on the proper date to make a product for the customer by their requested date.  Little has changed since those days.   Regardless, requests from our customers for assistance in deploying mrp exceed requests for other tactical assistance.  We like to think that the reason is the education program we deliver. 

Program attendees understand:

1.       What mrp does and does not do

2.       How to develop support programs for mrp deployment

3.       How to apply ERP System Order Policies to effect the quantity of material delivered

4.       How to develop a support system to integrate sales with production

5.       The proper level in the bill-of-materials to which to apply mrp methodology

6.       What types of parts should use mrp and what types of parts should not use mrp

7.       How lead-time affects mrp

8.       A discussion of the benefit for deploying mrp logic to increase inventory turns

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