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Who is Leroy Smith

Michael Roman - Wednesday, April 08, 2015

People have various success drivers. Money, fame, being the best, and wanting to make a difference are a few examples. On a ride to a recent civic function, the Manufacturing Practices’ team had chitchats about several topics. Sports became a topic. That discussion morphed into several questions about different sports personalities. Jerry Tiarsmith, the 1099 VP of Operations, with his keen understanding of such topics, gave answers to all our questions and gave some additional information, as he usually does, he being the didactic team member of the company.

During one of the discussions, I asked what drove him toward success and Jerry said “I just want to do my job, to the best of my ability” one thing that all our team members share.

At that point, Jerry launched into a discussion of Michael Jordan and asked us, if we knew who Leroy Smith was. Joe LaMere, our 1099 VP of Sales, answered quickly, “Mrs. Smith’s son” - you know how down-to-earth sales people are.

At that, Jerry explained that Leroy Smith was the reason that Michael Jordan got into the Basketball Hall of Fame. Leroy was the last man to make the High School varsity team that cut Michael. Jerry said that Michael stated in the speech for his induction to the Hall of Fame, he wanted to let “Leroy and the varsity coach know that they made a mistake by choosing Leroy and cutting me.” Being cut from a varsity position became the driving force that made Michael Jordan the Hall of Famer he now is. He made a decision to sharpen his skills in college and in the basketball profession. That discussion led to another discussion and the reason for this blog.

Motivation to succeed is a necessary characteristic of all successful people, including, those who sit in the C-Suite at manufacturing companies. However, it is not sufficient to possess just that characteristic. A deep and fundamental understanding of people, of systems, of policies, and ‘motivation’ usually completes the circle that leads to success.

At Manufacturing Practices, we know, we understand, and we are the conduit that connects that motivation and a company’s policies to the toolsets of systems and processes. Our consultants have been doing it for more than 30 years!

What distinguishes us from a majority of consulting firms is our depth of understanding of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). ERP’s body-of-knowledge (BOK) comes directly from the APICS BOK. Our consultants are required to have APICS Certification and keep that certification current. As the leader of the firm, I have maintained APICS involvement for more than 30 years. Manufacturing Practices continues to serve APICS and this year marks our ninth year as a member of the team that writes certification exams. Few firms in our space can claim that involvement with the APICS BOK.

Our ability to focus People, Processes, and Policies to increase the company’s competitive advantages is unique in the industry. Many successful companies have hired us to assist them realize their visions for success.

If you are interesting in hearing questions for your answers, or for the free MPI Gemba walk, contact us at 770-380-1033 or completing a form to send to our “Ask the Expert.”

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