Custom Business Management Education Sessions

Our experience shows, time and time again, that education is the foundation for future success; as a business manager, you know that and understand it implicitly.  So it is for Business Management Software - otherwise known as ERP - education is critical to a company's ability to reduce implementation risks.  The return on the investments dollars are difficult to quantify but research suggests that payback exceeds $3 for every $1 spent.  Manufacturing Practices stresses education.  Providing education has been a focus for our activities since the mid 1970s.  

Our current seminars include:

What will ERP Do FOR and TO My Company?
How to Stop Performing Yearly Physical Inventory 
What Will Material Requirements Planning (mrp) Do for My Company


Educating peers and clients has been a central part of our mission for over 30 years.  That includes 20 plus years of manufacturing experience and several years of designing APICS educational materials and APICS certification exam materials.  This creates in Manufacturing Practices, Inc. the unique ability to understand your roadblocks and to design the educational program to remove those barricades.  We will tailor the right education program to motivate and continue to guide your organization in that move from good to great.

Read about a CEO that was told: 
“I am sorry but your Duck is Dead”

Take the “So you can count” challenge
How do you know if your ERP Education was effective - read "Curing the Underlying Disease"

 If your organization is seeking assistance to select, implement, or gain better results with an existing ERP System, Manufacturing Practices, Inc. can help.  Call us at 770-772-6894, Skype:michael.a..roman,